About Me

My mom said that I was born building things. As soon as I was crawling I found my way into kitchen and started building castles with the Tupperware containers. My favorite toys growing up were legos. I built entire lego towns in the basement, backyard and my bedroom. In high school I joined Science Olympiads and realized I had a true passion for creating. I went to UMass in Amherst and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I spent the next 8 years of my life working in the aerospace industry as a design engineer. I traveled across the country working for Northrop Grumman, General Atomics and Sikorsky on advanced military aircraft.  In the beginning of 2008 I also co-founded a web development business, Scratch Interactive.com. This side business slowly grew, and I made connections with an ever growing network of talented designers, front-end and back end developers.   In 2010 I co founded another start-up: VengoLabs.com.  At VengoLabs we design and manufacture high tech, compact vending machines.  Both companies are still active and growing.  The one common theme throughout this is my desire to create, design and build the perfect optimal product, from physical products to virtual websites.

I take pride in the work I do and the quality of what I can deliver, whether it’s designing a physical product from inception to prototype to production or building a website for a growing business that will help bring in more traffic or sales. I’d love to help you and your business.

Steven Bofill Picture