3D Modeling

3D Design

Using Aerospace Grade 3D Modeling software, I can model up every detail of your product and take it to the next level. Perhaps your idea is a concept only and you need someone to mock it up. Or perhaps you’ve got a prototype built and need to refine your design to a production ready, designed for manufacturing product. Regardless of where your product is in the pipeline, I can assist you in moving it forward. In addition, I can assess the overall cost and manufacturability of your product, at any stage of the development process.

Steven Bofill Prototype Review

Prototype Review

I will evaluate your idea or design and provide you with professional feedback on the next steps. If you’ve got an initial idea, I can give you an assessment and lay out a plan based on your skillset and resources, on how to take that idea from a concept on paper to a physical prototype in the most time efficient and cost effective manner possible.
If you’ve got a physical prototype, but need to ramp up for production, I specialize in providing quality feedback on how to redesign your product to reduce cost, assembly time, and part count.

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

I design and build fully responsive professional websites for local business looking to grow and expand their customer base. When designing these sites, I work on every detail to help businesses attract the maximum number of clients and turn visitors into future clients. Using WordPress as a base, I build a beautiful, fully responsive website platform that allows users to edit their website themselves without needing in depth knowledge of code/web development languages.

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization

You may be looking to rank higher in search engines or need a larger overall web presence to attract more customers. I study your business, target customers, and current web strategy and develop a plan to increase your web presence and reach more target customers. I use keyword optimization to produce a list of optimal high volume/low competition target keywords that then will be embedded within your website. I also help increase your local business listings, and fix broken ones; as well as help to give you the tools necessary to gather positive reviews for your business listings. All of these are aspects are critical for SEO and will help bring your business more traffic and more sales.