Long Island Regents Prep

By sbofill on Saturday, January, 24th, 2015 in .
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I want to thank you for all you work on re-developing the Long Island Regents Prep website.
Everything is perfect! We are already receiving tons of positive feedback from customers and colleagues
on how accessible the new website is. The new site allows our customers to seamlessly navigate all our
information and purchase review courses. In addition, the e-commerce platform transition works
perfectly! This would not be possible without your diligence and commitment to the project. In the
past, it was quite difficult to work with other developers on website development. You, however, made
everything work perfectly.
Thank you for addressing all our needs and concerns in such a professional manner. Every part
of this project has been a pleasure. You quickly responded to every e-mail and message, and never
hesitated to spend every time reviewing every single part of this project. Most importantly, you made
this a collaborative effort. We never felt distanced from this project or unsure how things were going to
progress. The 4-hour long tutorial was also quite helpful. Thank you for taking the time to explain to us
novices how to update and edit our site.
Once again, it has been a pleasure working with you. We hope to have the opportunity to do so
again soon!